Dr.Shirish Deshpande


Dr. Shirish Deshpande [Ayurveda Physician, Therapeutic Yoga Expert]
Dr. Shirish believes training should be fun as well as long lasting learning.
Key words that describe Dr.Shirish’s training style are “simple, with lots of holistic learning, inspiring confidence in the participants, down to earth and someone who cares deeply about people”.
Dr.Shirish prefers to look at his role as a facilitator rather than a trainer, and believes that training sessions are more a space to reflect and discover the potential within us rather than "get trained".
Dr.Shirish Deshpande is a Restorative Yoga Therapist with a powerful insight into Human Anatomy as well as behavior. Being a Ayurveda Medical Practitioner, he specializes in Life-Style-Counseling and Yoga Therapy. He is a well experienced Trainer for solutions of Occupational Hazards.
With a passion for conducting training programs and people’s growth and development and working with various level employees of companies in India and Europe, he has conducted numerous workshops in the field of Occupational Hazards in I.T. industry, private groups and patients , on topics such as -

Yoga skills Ayurveda & Other Skills

• Management of Occupational Hazards by Therapeutic Yoga
• Stress management by Yoga
• Yoga pose modifications for Sitting and Stressful occupations
• Spine Health and Yoga
• Modified Yoga Pose as per disorder
• Training for Physiotherapists – Supportive Yoga Therapy for Spine disorders and supportive Yoga-massage
• Bad posture adaptation and counter Yoga stretches for Golfers
• Choosing a Yoga sequence as per age / Designation [type of job] / individual physical disorder
• Yoga-Solutions for sexual ability disorders
• Yoga Philosophy for modern lifestyle
• Yoga sequence for NO-TIME people
• Stress management through Ayurveda Relaxation techniques
• Women and Health
• PPP- Perfect Pregnancy Program- includes Ayurveda + Yoga + Parenting tips and treatments. This program can be started before planning for an issue.
[For To-Be-Mothers as well as To-Be-Fathers]
• Ayurveda and Yoga for Kids to combat stress and to improve kid’s respiratory capacity etc.
• Solutions for sexual disorders.
• Ayurveda Panchakarma Procedures
as per Biotypes & disorders
• Reflexology for Back-ache & Leg-pain [Foot- Marma - Technique ]
• Ayurveda & Yoga for Multitaskers.

Being a versatile Yoga trainer he has trained people from different levels across segments ranging from the field of education, Sports to the corporate sector.

His training interventions at the Corporate & other organizations include

WMS Gaming solutions

Supreme Petrochem

L&T Infotech

Suzlon India, Hadapsar

International Academy of Ayurveda

College Of Ayurveda, Akurdi

Kumar Cerebrum, Kalyaninagar
Armed with degree in Ayurveda medicine, using Panchakarma as a supporting tool; he is also an expert in anatomical distortion assessment and related corrections through Therapeutic Yoga postures.
His insight into Occupational Physical Hazards & Stress related Hazards coupled with the reports generated through Biotype analysis, helps organizations select the right candidate for the right shift and for right position.

With 10 years of experience, he is recognized as an authority on Yoga Therapy, Ayurveda, Solutions for Occupational Hazards, Yoga-counseling, Life-Style consultancy and is regularly invited as an expert visiting faculty at prestigious Industrial, Educational and Health Institutions in India as well as Europe.

He has done his Bachelor in Ayurveda Medicine and then his Diploma in Yoga.
As a specialty, at Kabirbaug- a renowned Yoga organization, he has learned and developed his Therapeutic Yoga skill as a senior assistant doctor.
Since 2001, he is engaged in half day, full day and weekend training workshops of Yoga. He has been running a private Ayurveda and Yoga clinic at his residence address in Pune.
He is deeply committed to helping in the development of people both in their pursuit of excellence in their personal as well as professional lives.
Curriculum Vitae.
Name : Dr. Shirish P. Deshpande
Address : 16 / B – 8 , ‘Chidambar’, Swapnamandir Society ,
Erandwana. Pune - 411004
Mobile : - + 9 1 - 2 0 - 9 9 7 0 0 7 1 1 9 5
Email : dshirish.in@gmail.com
Date Of Birth : 12 th March 1975
Passport number: J 2 7 8 9 7 8 2
Nationality : Indian
Qualification : Ayurvedacharya (B.A.M.S.) degree - Karnataka University.[Yr.1999]
: Internship – Seth Tarachand Ramnath Ayurved Hospital , Pune.
: Naturopathy diploma course, Nashik. [Year 2008].

At Present : Life-Style-consultancy – “Purva Clinic”.
Own Ayurveda consultancy with Ayurveda Procedure Unit.
Restorative-Yoga consultancy & sessions for clients.
Experience :

Year 1999 - Ayurveda person at Tuljabhavani Arogyadham .

Year 2000 - Resident Ayurveda-Yoga assistant at Kabirbaug Restorative Yoga Institute , Pune.

Year 2000 - Ayurveda Assistant to Dr.Patgaonkar clinic, Pune.

Year 2001 - Trainee at Arya Vaidya Sala, Kottakal , Kerala

Year 2001 to 2005 - Expert in Ayurveda at I.A.P.Y., Pune.

Year 2002 to 2006 - Part-time Ayurveda co-ordinator at Deenanath Hospital & Research centre, Pune.

Year 2006 to 2013 – Visiting Port Salvi, Spain for Ayurveda & Lifestyle management Yoga Seminars , three months a year. This project is under guidance of Prof.Dr.R.R.Deshpande.

Year 2008 – Was invited to Broshim Campus, Tel Aviv University as a expert in Ayurveda & Yoga.

Own Ayurveda-Restorative Yoga practice since year 2000 till now.

Languages Known: English ; necessary Spanish and German.
Indian languages- Marathi, Hindi, Kanada.

Interests : Travel, Music, Art, Reading, Yoga, Anatomy etc.

Dr. Shirish Deshpande .