Dr.Sachin Sarpotdar


Academic & Research
I am a graduate of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery from one of the prestigious universities i.e.”Pune University” which is considered as the Oxford of the East.


I done my graduation in 1996 and received the Degree BAMS with top merits and stood first in my college in final academic year.

In the year 2002 I was selected for the Masters in Health Science (MSc.) through the all India Entrance test and completed my Masters in 2004.In the same year I had qualified a National Level Eligibility Test (NET) in the first attempt .This a tough test and usually 1 or 2 % of appeared students qualify it. This test is to get an approval for teaching in the universities and colleges not only of Ayurveda but even of modern medicines also.

This MSc.course is made for the insight in research in health sciences and is a good option for Ayurvedic graduates to acquire a thorough knowledge in modern sciences like Immunology, Microbiology, Nutrition , Preventive medicine & Research Methodology etc.

I have a strong faith that Ayurveda has a tremendous potential to establish as a ‘Global Preventive Health Care System and can contribute in the management of chronic diseases and immunological disorders where conventional or modern medicine has its limitation. Ayurveda needs to be explored in a scientific manner for its acceptance globally.

I am an invited member of Review Board of Journal of Ayurveda & Integrative Medicine (JAIM-which is a pear review Pub-med indexed Journal) for exclusively the manuscripts and Research Articles on Pancha Karma.
With this motivation I had contributed to publish the book on Research Methodology for Ayurved Post graduate students who were deprived for such books at that time. This book on Research Methodology was published in 1996 in 2nd World Ayurveda Congress held in Pune University in the presence of many experts and renowned physicians and scientists.

I have been associated since 2004 with S.S.Ayurveda College Hadapsar Pune M.S. India as a visiting faculty and teaching on undergraduate and postgraduate levels of Ayurveda students.

Beside this I am fortunate enough to have many other experiences like to work on university level in a committee for the approval of the synopsis and research theses of MD Ayurveda students.
I am also a coordinator of Overseas Educational Program of S.S.Ayurveda College Pune. I am a coordinator of professional training program of Ayurveda students & professionals in Ayurveda College Sion, Mumbai.

For the considerable contribution in the various fields concern with Ayurveda and medical practice I had received an appreciation award in 2011 with hands of Hon. Vice Chancellor of Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nashik, M.S. India
I am a treasure of a National Wing of BAMS graduate association (BGA) which is an association to safeguard the rights of Ayurvedic Graduates in India.
Overseas Activities-
I have travelled many countries like Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and USA as a Ayurveda & Yoga consultant for the promotion and propagation of Ayurveda. I have visited the country of Spain 5 times for the same reason.

I have given the seminars on the various topics on Ayurveda and Health issues. I had worked in Health Centre in Spain and Germany. As a consultant I had done hundreds of consultations, many seminars and yoga classes, guided in Ayurvedic cooking & trained the therapists various Panchakarma Procedures.

In Austria I have visited as an Ayurveda Physician and had offered treatment in Ortho and Geriatric rehabilitation center.

In Italy I had visited as a Ayurveda Teacher for the courses offered by Mumbai University. There I had given the lectures, demonstration of Pancha Karma Procedures and conducted the exams of Italian students.

In USA, I had given the lectures in Tullays Health Centre Stamford, and had conduced seminars in other places also. During USA visit I have travelled New-York, Stamford, Norwalk, and Chicago & Pennsylvania for Ayurvedic seminars.

I have trained the students of various countries especially from Europe, USA and Latin America.
Recently I have nominated as a overseas Director of ‘Dahnvantari Foundation Incorporation’ of Chicago IllinoisS, USA.

I am from very few academic personnel who have a strong clinical background and have a private medical practice and treating 100 patients as an average per day along with my spouse who is also an Ayurveda Physician and a Post Graduate Proficient in Pancha Karma. Because of her highly dedicated approach towards the clinical practice I can contribute on various dimensions.

The number of our patients is our potential. We are the Directors of Institute of Ayurveda ,Panchakrama and Yoga (IAPY),H-204,Nano Homes, PCMC, Ravet, Pune ,M.S. India where we have a facility to stay and have Ayurvedic treatments .We have our private OPDs in Talegaon and Indori, which are near Pune city.

In our consultation we offer the treatment for various health ailments especially the chronic diseases of different origin like Arthritis, Skin Disorders, Respiratory diseases like Asthma and COPDs, Psychological Disorders , Gastrointestinal disturbances, Cancers , Diabetes, Hypertension, & Heart Diseases. We also treat the acute health problems with Ayurvedic Medicines and Principles. We are specialized in treating the women health problems, ‘Garbha Sanskar’ (Ayurvedic Antenatal Care).
We emphasize the Preventive measures on the various levels and utilize ‘Shaman’ (Palliative) & ‘Shodhan’ (Cleansing) treatments along with lifestyle counseling. We offer these treatments in the scientific manner by keeping their traditional references intact. We also maintain the cost effective approach while treating our patients.
We are providing our expert service even in the rural areas and promoting Ayurvedic treatments for the Public health problems, community health and social welfare.
It is really a great pleasure to be in such a noble Profession and we consider ourselves privileged that we are in a health care system, Ayurveda, which has a long tradition and is considered as the Oldest Traditional Health Care System.

Our Publications-

1) Research Methodology & Medical Statistics
2) Dainandin Arogya Gatha- Health Encyclopedia for Society.
3) Roganidan Journal- A practical handbook of Pathology for second year BAMS students.
4) Ayurvedic management of Vata Vyadhi & Neurological Disorders.
5) Ayurvedic Concepts of Joint Disorders and Backache,
6) Preventive Cardiology and Ayurveda – E-book & Hard Copy.
7) Stree Roga –Ayurvedic Management of Gynecological Disorders.
8) Stulata-Ayurvedic management of Obesity.

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Website- www.ayurvedicfriend.com

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