Professor Dr. Rajendra Raghuvir Deshpande M.D., (Ayurvedic Medicine ), M.D. (Ayurvedic Physiology )

Emeritus Professor Dr. Rajendra Deshpande is not only a national but an international personality. Dr. Deshpande was born on 19th December 1959 at a remote place called Akola but graduated in Pune. He started his Ayurveda practice from Dhanori- Vishrantwadi, a place near Pune and also at Gokhalenagar Vadarwadi’s slum area in Pune. After completing his MD (Ayurvedic Medicine) he started working as an Ayurvedic consultant. As Head of Department, at Jnyana prabodhini (Pune) he undertook many activities of social importance like Public meetings to create awareness about Health , Interdisciplinary Research on Diabetes mellitus .Simultaneously he was also working in Famous Pathology Laboratory in Pune as Assistant Doctor of Dr.Ramesh Godbole. Due to his keen reading, writing, oratory and teaching interests he rejected the government post as medical officer through MPSC and instead started working as an Ayurveda teacher at CARC, Akurdi. Lecturer, reader, associate professor, professor and head of the department such was the success journey of Dr. Deshpande at CARC and today he is a very well-known face in the field of Ayurveda as a great speaker, respected and loved teacher and expert physician.

Dr. Rajendra Deshpande is the most senior person at CARC, Akurdi both by age and clinical and professional experience. Being the senior most faculty he also has served concomitantly as the Principal of CARC college. But due to the post when he was sandwiched between learning, teaching and clinical upgradation he resigned from the prestigious post and returned back vigorously into the Educational ,clinical and teaching work.

Dr. Deshpande indeed is a beloved Ayurveda teacher and also his professional honors and awards are immense. Best teacher award, Vaidya V. V. Kolhatkar Research Award and most importantly he is the youngest recipient of Late B.R. Gholap Award by Pune District Association for the outstanding contribution in the field of Education, Research and medical practice.

Dr. Deshpande is actively involved in propagation of Ayurveda and health knowledge to all. He was invited by Akashwani ( Radio ), Doordarshan ( Television), electronic media and in various renowned pharmaceutical companies like Dhootpapeshwar and Phytopharma to speak on Ayurveda for medical representatives.Dr.Deshpande has organized many Seminars & conferences & also participated in many such events.

Dr. Rajendra Deshpande is internationally known for his pioneering work in popularizing Ayurveda globally.Prof.Dr.Deshpande has visited many countries like USA ,Switzerland,Germany ,Italy & Spain for many times .Till date he has trained 10 Doctors & deputed them 25 times in foreign countries for Ayurved propogation .Dr.Deshpande has produced a series of quality books on Ayurveda, which are highly acclaimed by scientific community. Under the guidance of tutor Dr. Subhash Ranade he has written extensively on Ayurveda and healthy lifestyle. Dr. Deshpande’s books are for the students, teachers, research scholars and also for the common masses. His books range from Marathi, Hindi, English and in German language too. Local publishing houses like Proficient, Anmol, Shantanu, Manakarnika prakashan, Delhi’s Chawkhamba Publication and even German Ukhan Fisher are publishers of Dr. Deshpande’s list of 50 books and the number is yet increasing. Furthermore, Dr. Deshpande have designed series of books like versus compilation texts, short notes for quick revision, pathology journals and many more….He has also created by himself many other Educational materials like PPTS ,Audio & Video CDS .Dr.Deshpande is the first person in globe who at the first time prepared a software of Ayurvedic Biotype Determination & Health Guidance ,with Dr.S.B.Ranade & Mr.Sanjay Deshpande.

One of the important contributions in the field of Ayurvedic research is the development of a very popular website This website is a brainchild of Dr. Deshpande. This website provides database of past researches in Ayurveda through MD (Ayurveda) or MS (Ayurveda). This website is very useful for teachers to upgrade their knowledge, for students to get ready references of past research, practitioners will get new clues of medicines or panchakarma procedures and pharmaceutical companies will get ready made formulas to launch new products.
Dr. Deshpande is a strong believer in the "Can Do" approach. He has always thought of overall development of his colleagues and has encouraged them to write books too. He has lectured extensively in the United States, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Spain & visiting these countries continuously since last 15 years.He has also sent many of his fellow teachers, practitioners and students overseas for propagation of Ayurveda for 20 times which is a record in itself.

P D E A’s College of Ayurved and Research centre



This is renowned Ayurveda Medical School and Ayurveda treatment Centre in Pune , India. Prof.Dr.Ragini Patil is the present Head of the Institute , where Prof. Dr.R.R.Deshpande is Head Of the Department.

Port Salvi Health Centre, Spain.


Port Salvi Health Centre, Spain.
This centre is one of the best centres in Europe. This centre is providing consutation of Biotype, Pulse, Lifestyle management, disease treatments under guidance of Indian Ayurveda doctors. Since last 15 years, Prof.Dr.R.R.Deshpande and his team are providing their expertise services in this centre.