Granny's Pouch

( Box of Home Remedies as a first aid )


This section is written for the benefit of common man ,who becomes too much anxious ,when he could not get immediate doctor’s help ,specially in the odd timings like afternoon or at midnight or Doctor’s place is too far away from his residence .

Now in this era of Nuclear families we have also lost a support of our grandma’s pouch of natural Home remedies .Even though we wish ,we do not have enough time for preparing medicinal Recipes. So as per need of time in this section we are suggesting readymade medicines ,which are proved to be in general safe .But suggestions can be reconfirmed by your family Physician.

One must be careful ,about his own allergic medicines .Advice in this section is only for young or middle aged ,otherwise healthy person .Doses are for adult person .Medicines & doses mentioned in this section are not at all for Children below 16 years of age & older people above 65 years of age .Also person suffering from chronic illness like Hypertension ,Heart Problems, Diabetes mellitus, Bronchial Asthma, Peptic ulcers ,Allergic diseases etc should consult doctor before taking any medicines .

Treatments mentioned here are to take care of immediate & Temporary care .This advice is not a substitute of Doctors. This treatment should not be taken for more than 48 hours ,without Doctor’s consultation. If patient does not get relief or problem worsens ,then without delay admit the patient to nearest hospital .Remember unconscious patient should not be given anything through mouth .

Readymade medicines


    Readymade medicines are given in 2 groups – Allopathic & Ayurved – Patient can keep these medicines ready ( At least strip of ten tablets each ) in his or her first aid Box   

List of Contents of First aid box ----

i) General Items –

 1) Thermometer 2) Clean Napkins 3) Cotton 4) 2 & 3 inch bandages 5) Scissor 6) Torch 7) Band aid strips 8) Knee cap 9) Hot water bag 10) Dettol 11) Crepe bandage 12) Hand gloves 12) Glucometer – if any body is Diabetic in the family 13) Steam inhaler
ii) Allopathic Medicines – All Tablets – Crocin, Combiflam, Reglan, Histac 125 mg, Dyrade M or Dependal M, Lomotil Colinol ,Incid L ,Pyridium, Dulcolax, Sorbitrate 5 mg, Restyl o.25 mg, Deriphylline, Bromhexine .Syrups – Benadryl expectorant ,Linctus codeine
iii) Ayurvedic – Mahasudarshan Ghan vati ( Vati means Tablet ) ,Vomiteb ( Charak),Kutaja Ghana vati, Praval pishti vati, Kamdugha vati, Chandrakala rasa, Eladi Vati of Baidyanath or tab Vasocin of Rasashala for sucking ,Triphala tab, Lashunadi vati ,Hajmola ,Dashamul Ghana vati ,Cap Nilsin of Phyto pharma .

First aid medicines & Caution advice in different Symptoms

Here symptom word is specifically written ,because there are many causes or diseases to create particular symptom .For Example – Fever may be due to Viral infection or Malaria or Typhoid or Swine flu or even due to Tuberculosis .Your Doctor will diagnose the cause or disease & will treat accordingly .We just want a help to control fever symptomatically ,till we get Doctor’s help .Same is the case for each Symptom .
So Dear Friends – Please kindly note once again that Grandma’s Pouch can Never be Substitute for Doctor !!

Fever Diarrhoea & Dysentry Constipation Headache
Cold & Sinusitis Pain in Abdomen Burning Micturition  
Cough Pain in abdomen ,due to Acidity Joint Pains or Backache  
Bronchial Asthama  Vomiting Allergic Skin rash with severe itching ( Urticaria)  

1) Fever --- Allopathy – Tab Crocin 500 mg 6 hourly .If body is too hot by touch ,keep minimum clothes on the body .
Wipe the body with wet towel & dry it .Do it after every 15 minutes.
Do not cover the body with blanket .Keep open windows for fresh air .
Ayurvedic – Tab Mahasudarshan ghan vati 2 tab & Chandrakala ras 2 tab – every after 3 hours .Sponging or Sandlewood paste on forehead & around umbilicus
Caution --- If person is High fever ,with severe headache ,Vomiting ,suspect Meningitis ( Brain Fever) .Check Neck mobility –if it is stiff i.e Neck rigidity --- Admit immediately

 2) Cold & Sinusitis – If watering of nose or lot of white ,yellow -discharge & Headache – Take steam inhalation .
Cap Nilsin of Phyto pharma company 1 cap & Crocin 1 tab -- 3 times a day .
Ginger paste – thin application in the evening.
If nose is blocking apply seasame oil on forehead ,cheeks .Give fomentation & then put Vacha oil drops 2 in each nostril ,twice a day .
At night if still nose is too blocked & feeling of suffocation ,once in a while put Otrivin 2 drops in blocked nostril .But this type of medicines should not be used frequently .
If you have allergy of Dust,fumes,A.C,pollens – then make a habit to apply Vacha or Calamus oil inside the nostril with little finger ,every time you go out of the house to prevent allergic reaction .TOP of Page

3) Cough – Warm water 1 glass with 1 spoon salt – gargling 2 times a day .At night 1 cup warm milk with 1 spoon of Turmeric ,for wet cough .
If you have irritating dry cough causing pain in throat & chest ,then apply warm seasame oil to throat ,chest,back & foment it with hot water bag ,thrice a day .Take 1 cup warm milk + 1 spoon of Cow’s ghee at night .
For wet cough ( cough with white,yellow or green expectoration ) Benadryl expectorant 2 tea spoon thrice a day ( can cause drowsiness ,so do not drive vehicle or swim or work near fire ).Yellow or Green sputum suggests Bacterial infection ,so consult your doctor .If cough is dry & there is sore throat ,one must suck Eladi tablet of Baidyanath or Vasocin tablet of Rasashala ,every after 3 hours .Still if night dry cough is disturbing sleep then only take Linctus codeine 1 tea spoon .
For cold or cough complaints ,patient must protect from cold food or cold atmosphere ,avoid to get exposed from wind & rain .Put cotton swab in air ,use sweater & scarf ,No freeze articles, no cold water or cold drinks .Rather always drink warm water ,after boiling 1 lit water with 10 pieces of Cloves .Stop smoking totally.

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4) Bronchial Asthama – Patient usually know when attack can start & why .So prevention is better than cure .Patient should start applying warm seasame oil to throat.chest ,back & fomentation with hot water bag ,when it suspects attack.Also take 1 glass of warm water with 2 tea spoon of Narayan oil ,3 times a day orally.Also steam inhalation can be done.
If there is chronic asthamatic patient in the family ,then family may purchase small machine of Nebuliser & can learn how to give Nebulisation at home in emergency ,specially at night .
In moderate asthamatic attack ,1 or 2 puff can be taken with Asthalin inhaler .
In mild breathlessness due to Asthama or Bronchitis ,Tab Deriphylline can be taken 2 times a day .
If there is too much sticky sputum .which patient can not expectorate & become restless in addition to Deriphylline ,use Tab Bromhexine 8 mg three times a day .
If any one is suffering from frequent complaints of cold,cough,asthama – Ayurvedic Vaman ( Therapeutic vomiting) in spring season can give protection for at least 1 year .
Similarly to built up Respiratory Tract Immunity ,Grandma can suggest you 2 products – one is Every day Chavanprash 2 tea spoon on empty stomach every morning for one year .
Second is Receipe of Vardhaman Pippali Rasayan.Receipe For Vardhaman Pippali rasayan – Bring 20 GM lendi Pimpali ( Piper longum ) from Ayurvedic Shop .1st day – 1 Lendi Pimpali + 1 cup Milk + 1cup water --- boil the mixture till only milk remains – Chew & eat 1 lendi Pimpali & drink milk .2nd Day – 2 Lendi pimpali + 1cup milk+ 1 cup water – Boil the mixture till only milk remains – Chew & eat 2 lendi Pimpali & drink milk .In similar way each day increase number of Pimpali & take milk & water in same quantity .Eat Pimpali & drink milk.Pimpali should be increased till the person feels warm or burning in stomach .From that day reduce or taper the quantity of Pimpali .Usually this course thakes the time from 7 to 14 days .This Immune modulatory treatment should be done in rainy & winter season .This built up immunity of Lungs & whole respiratory system .TOP of Page

5) Diarrhoea & Dysentry – Most important part is to preserve energy by proper Rehydration .Boil 1 liter of water + 6 table spoons of sugar + 3 tea spoons of Salt + half Lemon Juice – Drink this water ½ cup every after half an hour .Eat only Khichadi of Rice & green gram .
To control frequency Tablet Dyrade M or Dependal M ( ANY ONE) – 2 Tablets three times a day .Dependal M can give yellow urination ( Do not suspicious of Jaundice) .
In very Emergency like In traveling or going for Exam or Interview – to get immediate control on Loose motion .Tablet Lomotil can be taken twice a day & stop.
In rainy season as a prevention ,avoid eating food or water in public or unhygienic places .Always drink boiled water .Ayurvedic Tablet Sanjivani Vati can be taken 2 in the morning ,as a preventive in Epidemics or when you are traveling .
Ayurvedic -- To control Loose motions Tablet Kutaja Ghana vati or Kutaja parpati vati can be taken 2 tablets 3 times a day TOP of Page

6) Pain in Abdomen --- If it is due to Indigestion or with loose motion or during menses --- Tablet Colinol 1 tablet 3 times a day .or
Ayurvedic --- Lashunadi Vati 1 tablet 3 times day .
If there is too much Gas in the stomach ,fullness in abdomen or excess belching or flatus ,then Tab Gasex 2 tablets 3 times a day TOP of Page

7) Pain in abdomen ,due to Acidity --- Tab Histac 150 mg 3 times a day with Ice cold milk
Ayurvedic – Praval Pishti vati 2 tablets & Kamdudha 2 tablets – 3 times a day with milk
Caution --- If person is having severe pain in abdomen with history of absolute constipation .He is now having vomiting also .Then touch abdomen ,if it is not allowing to touch or feeling hard like black board --- Then admit immediately ,because it may be surgical or serious problem.TOP of Page

8) Vomiting --- Tablet Reglan – 1 tab 3 times a day
Ayurvedic – Tab Vomiteb of Charak Company or Tab Laghu sutshekhar 1 tab & Kamadudha 1 tablet 3 times a day
Caution --- Rule out Pregnancy vomiting ( always note date of last menstruation )

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9) Constipation --- Tab Dulcolax 1 tablet at night or
Ayurvedic – Tab Triphala 2 tablets at night with warm water
Prevention is Better than cure --- Drink enough water in a whole day. Green leafy vegetables 2 times in a week .Regular 45 walking ,every day,Abdominal yoga postures like Pavanmuktasan .Black dry grapes (Manuka) 10 each time ,for 3 times a day.Every morning warm Seasame oil massage around umbilicus & fomentation with hot water bag.Every night a cup of warm milk with 1 spoon of Cow’s ghee.TOP of Page

10) Burning Micturition – Tab Pyridium – 1 tablet 3 times a day ( Tablet gives dark yellow colouration to urine – do not worry about it --- It is not Jaundice)
Ayurvedic – Drink water boiled with 2 table spoon dry coriander seeds in 1 liter of water .Ice bag application on Lower abdomen .Cold water shower on genitals .Tablet Chandrakala ras 3 tablets 4 times a day .TOP of Page

11) Joint Pains or Backache --- Tablet Combiflam or Tablet Voveron 1 tablet 3 times a day after eating little food or with 1 cup of milk ( otherwise it may cause acidity)
Ayurvedic --- Yogaraj guggulu 2 tablets & Dashamul Ghana vati 2 tablets 3 times a day with warm water & stools are not normal then add Tablet Triphala Vati 2 tablets at night .
But most important is application of warm Narayan oil externally gently ( Never give hard massage ,when there is pain ) & give hot water fomentation with hot water bag .

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12) Allergic Skin rash with severe itching ( Urticaria) – Tablet Incid L – 1 tablet 3 times a day ( This tablet may give drowsiness . so do not drive vehicle or swim or work near fire).Externally calamine lotion on rash
Ayurvedic – Tablet Laghumalini vasant 2 tablet & tab Laghu sutshekhar 2 tablets –3 times a day .Apply Garcinia ( In marathi called as Aamsul) water externally

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13) Headache – Total rest in quite & dark room is beneficial .If it is Tension headache or with cold & cough or mild attack of Migraine – Tab Crocin or Tab Combiflam 1 tablet 3 times a day after food or with milk .
Ayurvedic --- Tab Shirashuladi vati of Baidyanath – 2 tablets & Chandrakala ras 3 times a day with milk .Externally apply paste of Sandlewod or Nutmeg ( In marathi called as Jaiphal)

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